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6 Tips for Setting up a Successful Construction Business

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When you’re running a construction business, everyday presents a new set of challenges, whether that is at pre-construction phase, preparing cost estimates, sending quotes to win jobs and ordering materials or trying to manage jobs once they’ve started or recovering payment from the builder or owner once the job is done. Putting processes in place will maximise your ability to succeed and limit the downside of any setbacks you may encounter. 

What follows are some nuggets from my time as a carpentry contractor and a few things I learned from speaking with our clients that I wish I knew when I was on the tools. 

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Small Business Tax Time Tips

You’re not going to believe it, another financial year done and dusted. Here’s a few quick tax tips to help your construction business.

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Drywall Calculator - Need Help Pricing Drywall Jobs?

You come home after a day on site. Print out the set of blueprints (if you own a printer), if not get them printed at your nearest print shop. Clear a space on the dining room table, grab your scale ruler and highlighters, and settle in for the night. A couple of hours later once you’ve finished measuring, add up all your measurements, add your rates and then flick an email over to the builder with the quote. Surely there's a better way?

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Creating a Winning Building Quote

Let’s be honest as tradies, quoting for jobs probably isn’t exactly what you’d love to be doing, but it’s obviously a must. On the upside if you’re good at creating successful quotes, and win more jobs, you can spend less time quoting and more time out on site. In order to give yourself an edge over competitors here’s a couple of hot tips.

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Outsourcing your Estimating and Bill of Quantities

Leading on from my challenges, we’ve recently launched a new Takeoff service at ConX, making it easier for builders and subbies to get their quantities done for them. I know the pain, I’ve felt it first hand and I am passionate about making it accessible for others through a reliable, cost effective service. 

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6 proven ways to grow your building and trade contracting business

1. Use referrals
To get these you must Be as professional as possible with every client on every job...

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The Best Apps for Tradies

 We get asked all the time, what’s the best app for tradies? What app should I use for my carpentry business? What would you recommend for my mate who’s a tiler? What app should I use for my plumbing business? Unfortunately it’s not that simple, there are generally a lot of questions that need to be asked before you can decide which is the right tool for the job. Who better than Clinton Cowin, Managing Director at TradiePad to give us the answers. Enjoy. 

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Advice from Graya Construction

Graya Consturction

YouTube LInk

Check out our Video with Rob from Graya Construction, talking about his journey from Carpentry Apprentice to successful business owner, and gives advice to the young guys just starting out.

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3 Ways drones can help your construction company

Drones in Construction
Should you get a drone? Drones are everywhere now and have become affordable with high quality cameras. They are amazing fun to take videos and photos of your favourite sports and hobbies, here is a quick look at a few ways to utilise them for your construction business.

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