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Creating a Winning Building Quote

Let’s be honest as tradies, quoting for jobs probably isn’t exactly what you’d love to be doing, but it’s obviously a must. On the upside if you’re good at creating successful quotes, and win more jobs, you can spend less time quoting and more time out on site. In order to give yourself an edge over competitors here’s a couple of hot tips.

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Outsourcing your Estimating and Bill of Quantities

Leading on from my challenges, we’ve recently launched a new Takeoff service at ConX, making it easier for builders and subbies to get their quantities done for them. I know the pain, I’ve felt it first hand and I am passionate about making it accessible for others through a reliable, cost effective service. 

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The ConX Team is off to Silicon Vally

The ConX Team is off to Silicon Vally and this is what it means for you...

After years of hard work building the ConX platform and our tradie member base, the ConX team was invited to attend a Google for Entrepreneurs event in Silicon Vally to share our ideas with other like minded people and most importantly investors who can give us the cash we need to bring those ideas to fruition.

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Five tips for tradies to win tenders

Are you spending all day on the tools and all evening in the “office” lining up the next job? Here are five tips to help you win more jobs and save your precious time for golf, surf, kids, or some other fun activity:

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