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How To Do A Concrete Takeoff On ConX Measure

Here are 5 simple steps to do a concrete takeoff and prepare a quote. We have also made a 4 minute video that will show you just how simple it is to do a concrete takeoff, ConX actually makes the process fun.

ConX Measure Concrete Demo.png 587.4 KB

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Feature Update: Grouping Function

A look into our new 'groupings' function to calculate materials quickly.

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Square Meter Calculator

Do you need to know the square meter area? Well you've come to the right plan, in a couple of short steps we'll help you find it out. All you'll need is a computer and a set of plans!

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How to Find the Scale

It’s not always easy to get the original copies of plans straight from the draftys pen, sometimes  originals have been scanned and re-uploaded which will affect you when you are looking to get accurate measurements, other times guys send you a picture of plans (As in the  example below). It can be a real slog getting the correct information for something so crucial that could be the difference in thousands of dollars. 

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ConX Measure: Feature Update

You probably logged into ConX last night or this morning and noticed something a little bit different about us….or maybe you haven’t yet tried us out, if that’s the case you’ve got to see this.

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Drywall Calculator - Need Help Pricing Drywall Jobs?

You come home after a day on site. Print out the set of blueprints (if you own a printer), if not get them printed at your nearest print shop. Clear a space on the dining room table, grab your scale ruler and highlighters, and settle in for the night. A couple of hours later once you’ve finished measuring, add up all your measurements, add your rates and then flick an email over to the builder with the quote. Surely there's a better way?

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The Tiling Tool That Will Save You 1000s of hours

Tiling Calculator, Tiling Software

You wouldn’t use a tool from 30 years ago to cut your tiles, so why would you use pens, paper and rulers to do your estimating?

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Concrete Calculator - How much concrete do I need?

How to use online tools to calculate the amount of concrete required for a slab!

Concrete Calculator

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The 4 Best Construction Estimating Software on the Market

First things first it completely depends on the size of your company. A multinational company will have entirely different needs and budget than your small residential builder. Licenses for some of these can cost thousands of dollars per year per user. 

Another major factor is who will be using the software? Will it be a professional estimator who has completed a degree in estimating or a painter by trade looking to price a local job?

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