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3 Ways drones can help your construction company

Drones in Construction
Should you get a drone? Drones are everywhere now and have become affordable with high quality cameras. They are amazing fun to take videos and photos of your favourite sports and hobbies, here is a quick look at a few ways to utilise them for your construction business.

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How ConX Works for Australia’s Tradies

In the oldest and most established industry in the world is pioneering a completely new way for tradies to promote themselves and interact with subbies and contractors for work, far beyond the contacts in your phone book. 

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How ConX Works with Australia’s Construction Contractors

In the oldest and most established industry in the world is pioneering a completely new way for head contractors to ease some of the biggest pain points when connecting with subcontractors, skilled trades and labour. Now, networks are opened up far beyond pre-established contacts in a phone book.

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Construction Contractors Paying Invoices Late is Australia's Norm

Australia has recently been highlighted as the worst country at paying invoices out of a survey of 80 countries. The study was measured in the amount of days early or late that an invoice was paid and as you would expect the efficient Germans were 0.5 days early on average while the UK were 5.85 days late and waaay down the bottom is where Australia sit at 26.4 days late. source

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Modular Construction Versus Traditional Construction

The NSW Government says Sydney is on the brink of its biggest-ever housing construction boom, which will see almost 200,000 homes built in the next five years. They’ve called out for smaller, cheaper houses as there is an undersupply of 100,000 homes in the state, with an ageing society and households in need of affordable smaller homes.

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AEC Sector Must Increase Adoption of Technology

Despite an explosion of technology that could drive increased accuracy, efficiency, and profits, Australia’s $300 billion building sector continues to lag in adopting new technology tools.

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Validating Building and Tradespeople Contractor Licenses

ConX has been working on a beta program with the NSW government, integrating our system with api.nsw to validate contractor licenses on the platform in real time.

This feature is now live and all contractor licenses will be displayed on member profiles as “Active” “Expired” "Surrendered" or "Cancelled".

This transparency will reduce risk and and speed up the process of hiring your next tradie or choosing your next job. Build a free profile on ConX to check out how it works.

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Matching Supply and Demand in Thriving Australian Construction Industry

There seems to be a lot of chat of late about the construction industry slowing in Australia, but on the job front, it’s quite the opposite with the actual number of jobs advertised higher than this time last year, according to Seek, Australia’s leading jobs website. Read about how ConX is working to solve this:

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The ConX Team is off to Silicon Vally

The ConX Team is off to Silicon Vally and this is what it means for you...

After years of hard work building the ConX platform and our tradie member base, the ConX team was invited to attend a Google for Entrepreneurs event in Silicon Vally to share our ideas with other like minded people and most importantly investors who can give us the cash we need to bring those ideas to fruition.

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How to Use Social Media for your Trade or Construction Business

Social Media for trade and Construction Businesses

For a lot of the construction industry, social media is a new tool for advertising and interaction that you may know nothing about. If you fall into this category or are just getting your social media channels up and running, here’s a look at some of the social channels and a few tips to help you get started.

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