Why You Should Be Certified as a Tradie

May 07 2019   02 PM  

In the workforce, especially the trades industries, it can be incredibly frustrating to jump through all the mandatory administrative duties and red hoops that authorise you to practise whatever it is you already know how to do. It can feel so onerous, in fact, that it is tempting for some tradies to forgo these regulations and operate without certification or licensing, offering clients reduced fees for taking the risk and paying cash.

In this blog, Skills Certified explains why that is a bad move both for your business and personal life, and why it is always better to become a certified tradie.

Better Training

No matter how competent you may feel in your chosen trade, there is always potential to develop your skills. In order to become certified, you must prove your competency, and even undergo training so instructors can implement the appropriate methodologies into your work. Whilst most of it might be run of the mill to you, undergoing the appropriate training might introduce you to new aspects you had never considered before, lending you the ability to offer higher quality work.


Taking out a license to operate a trade can often come with the stipulation of being insured. While this can seem like a hassle for many who simply want to focus on their job, having multiple forms of insurance can protect you and your stream of income when unfortunate incidents happen to a client’s property, a staff member, or even yourself. If you operate without insurance, then it will either be down to the client to pay out the damages (which they may contest if the fault was yours), or you will have to pay straight from your own pocket.

Sourcing Work

Cash isn’t just flushing out of the national currency, it is also leaving the realms of payment for work. Modern customers have caught on to the risks of hiring ‘cowboy tradies’, and will demand to see certification and licenses before agreeing to any work being conducted. If you choose not to be certified, you may find your ‘business’ having a hard time sourcing work.

Become Certified through RPL

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the process in which someone either can receive full qualifications, or be deemed competent for a variety of units, in the training of a particular field. If you want to capitalise on the high demand for trades workers and have experience, find out how you can become certified faster with the help of Skills Certified by taking their easy free skills check.