What is a white card and why you need it for construction work

October 23 2014   02 PM  

White card and how it works for tradies.

What is a White Card card 

White Card training' is the term used to describe general induction for construction training and the term 'White Card' is literally the plastic card you get from the Registered Training Organisation once your training is complete. (FYI- this was previously called a green card). The purpose of the training is to make sure you are clued up on construction work, the Work Health and Safety Laws that apply, common hazards you’re likely to encounter, and how the associated risks can be controlled and reduced.

Do I need one?

Yes, you need one. By law, if your working on a construction site in Australia, you must undertake general induction training or 'White Card training' and have evidence of your attendance from the course before setting foot on a construction site. You can be asked to produce it at any time and most employers will require to see it before you start. Should you have an accident on site and not hold the card, chances are you will not be covered for any insurances and may also endanger other people. Finally, If you are caught on site without one, prepare yourself for a pretty hefty fine! 

How do I get a White card?

The National Register for the Vocational Education and Training sector's website lists Registered Training Organisations that have approval to deliver 'White Card' training. The course is called 'CPCCOHS1001A - Work safely in the construction industry.'

Can I get it online?

So, it seems strange but here are the rules, WHS Regulation states that all construction induction training cards issued in other jurisdictions are valid. So you can complete the training for a Western Australia White Card online and this can be used across the borders of all states. The online training is an easy and flexible way to get onsite quickly.

However, if you want a NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria white card, you must attend a one day course with an accredited trainer. The course involves lectures on site safety, how to keep the work environment safe and what to do in case you have an accident. The morning is normally spent studying with talks form your lecturer followed by a short assessment. The temporary certificate is issued at the end of the day and you receive the official plastic card in the post.

Face-to-face training is usually more beneficial, however, the decision is entirely up to you!

How much does it cost?

Fees vary but range from $50 for an online to $100 for offline.

Now that you are ready to get your whitecard, it's time to find a job, and where else would you look for a construction job? ConX of course..