Tradie tips for cold winter mornings

July 05 2016   12 PM  

If you're like me, the snooze button on the alarm clock is being worked overtime in recent weeks. The dash from the warm bed to the shower is getting longer each morning, and I'm leaving not a second to spare in prepping for the day. Early starts and cold mornings just don't go together.  To curb these bad habits, we have compiled five tips to make the transition in the morning more manageable this winter.



Plan what you are wearing the night before

A quick win to gain a few more minutes in bed. No one wants to be running around looking for clean socks first thing. You could also make and pack your lunch the night beforehand so you're good to go first thing.

A decent alarm

If there is one thing to get me off to a bad start, its a noisy irritating alarm that startles me awake. Invest in a radio alarm and set it to a station playing relaxing or soothing music to gradually wake you. Check out the app SleepCycle also, which wakes you up over the course of 30-45 minutes depending on what stage you are at in your sleep cycle.

A hot breakfast

No not a b+e. Warm porridge with honey or Weetabix is a recommended breakfast all year round, but is especially good in the winter months, and definitely helps to drag me out of bed in the morning.

Long johns

These are definitely not a hit with the ladies, but do the required job. Perfect for throwing on first thing while you are making your brekky/lunch.

Hydro Flask

Noticed a lot of these on site recently, work really well in both summer and winter for keeping drinks at the right temprature. Make yourself a veggie soup at the start of the week and get yourself one of these for smoko to warm you up.


What helps get you up in the mornings? Leave your comments below..