Trade apprentices on the A team to solve the skills shortage

August 28 2014   10 AM  

Only 1 in 200 students from 15-19 are undertaking a school-based apprenticeship in trades and training.

"Our kids need the freedom and support at school to choose a career in the trades without feeling like they're playing on the B team for not deciding to go to uni,"  - Federal Assistant Minister for Education Sussan Ley

Those of you who want a certificate in trade, there is no better time!!!! You can now get a student loan which is similiar to the current HELP/HECS system so you only need to start paying for your course fees once you earn over the threshold amount. 

Trades training is finally being recognised as an equal to university education! Go tradies! 

Find the loan index here for Apprenticeship programmes:

The skill shortage problem is very real and is escalating. Employers are waiting for you out there, so get skilled and get hired through ConX.