Tolls in NSW and Victoria set to rise and rise

May 17 2016   12 PM  

Toll costs in NSW and Victoria set to continue to rise in the coming years, spelling bad news for construction SME's looking to reduce operational costs.

Sydney already boasts one of the highest metroplitan toll kilometres in the world, with a trip from the Eastern Suburbs to Mount Druitt costing almost $15 dollars each way (depending on route). A 6 day week could bring the cost up to several hundred dollars per month! For a small construction subbie those costs are hard to swallow.

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And its not going to stop there. With the building of the NorthConnex road connecting the M1 and M2 motorways in Sydney, motorists may soon find themselves unable to travel in Sydney without getting tolled for the trip. There is also no restriction on prices that can be set, so expect those prices to go up. Read the full article here

Pricing and taking on jobs across town is becoming less and less effcient from a time and cost perspective. Finding work in your local area can save you hours in the car stuck in gridlock traffic and hundreds of dollars per month on costs.

Building a profile on ConX allows you to get notified of any upcoming jobs in the areas you specifiy, and also enables you to hire staff in the area you are working on, helping to bring down travel costs and getting more hours on the job.

What do you think about toll prices? When is enough enough? Add your comments below..