Tips to get you ahead when applying for a job

October 18 2015   02 PM  

We have recently made some changes to our registration process to best capture your experience and background. These changes have been made based on requests from employers, so listen up and we will show you how to build a profile that gets you the job.

For an example of a great profile, check out one of the new registrations, Kanye from Ultimo!


Profile Photo

Your ConX profile is like your online CV, and is sent to any employer where you have applied for a job. First impressions are everything, so make sure to include a profile photo.

Skills Overview

This is a chance to give a brief description of your professional skills. Your prospective employer is not interested if you like footy or long walks by the beach! Keep it short and snappy to grab the attention.


Anything in particular you excel in?  Put it down! If you are a bricklayer like Kanye above you might put down commercial bricklaying, face hands etc.

Experience and References

The number one request from employers! They want to know where you worked, how long you worked there and who you worked for. If you have done an excellent job in your last place, take the credit for it, put down a reference. This is the major difference in getting considered for a job, if you have previous employers who will say you did a great job, list them on your profile and start to build an online history of your work.

Insurances and Certifications

If you have gone to the trouble of getting them, list them! Employers may look to hire workers who can be paid on ABN depending on the job.  Insurances and any certifications you have obtained related to your trade will only increase your chances of getting called for a job over the next guy. Once you enter its always on your profile!

What else?

Feel there is something missing from your profile? Let us know at and we will take a look at it.