Tips for Hiring Top Tradies in the Labour Shortage Market

October 12 2017   09 AM  

With the ongoing construction boom across Australia’s main cities everyone is feeling the strain of the labour shortage and we have come up with a few tips to give you the competitive advantage.
Company image
A great company image will make it easier to attract the highest quality employees and customers. Use all available avenues to get your name familiarised within your work zone, 
  • Customise your van/ute
  • Use customised hoarding at your sites
  • Have your guys wear logo t-shirts
  • Leverage social media to get images of your jobs available to the public
  • Build a ConX profile with company info and images of past projects
Be proactive
Tradies tend not to actively look for better jobs once they are reasonably happy in the one they are in. This means they don’t know what’s out there unless they go looking for work on static job boards such as Gumtree, Seek or Indeed. You need to get your job offer in front of their eyes. By posting your job on ConX, we use the power of social media to deliver your job into the eyes of your target market.
The offer
When considering hiring a new employee think about the value they could bring if you get a great guy and keep him long term. What is that worth?  To attract someone away from a job they are in or their ‘comfort zone’ you must make them a better offer than they currently have. 
When writing your job specification put the dollar amount as the best case scenario with ‘negotiable’ after, that means you will get a lot of applications and it is up to you to find the best fit for your company. 

As the saying goes ‘Pay peanuts get monkeys’ .
Our solution
  • ConX allows tradies to create and maintain a profile where they can show employers their skills and abilities, past experience, photo’s of work and also maintain their vital information such as trade licences, white card, insurance details and ABN.
  • We don’t just list jobs and wait for people to search, we send them out via sms and email to relevant trades by location.
  • We actively promote and target specific trades in the area you require on social media to make sure your offer gets seen. 
  • We reach people that no other ‘job advertiser’ can
  • We are construction specific focused on one market only
If this sounds like a solution that could help your business we’d love to hear from you. Drop me an email at or book in a demo.