Time: A tradies most valuable resource

June 27 2017   07 PM  

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We came across this meme yesterday and it perfectly sums up our most valuable resource - TIME. We are time poor, there is no doubt about it, but don’t let that hold you back. Let's embrace technology and make our lives simpler in the construction industry.
Innovation & Technology are big news right now - some guys are using every piece of technology available to them, whilst others are hoping they’ll get through the next 5 years to retirement without having to pick up a smart phone.
The big problem we’ve found when talking to our members, is getting the time to sit down and learn how to use all the different apps out there, and understand what works where. 
So here are 3 apps that are quick to learn, easy to use, and will dramatically change how you run your business.
1. Xero - generate invoices, automatically track late payers, keep all your receipts in one place - Xero will hook into your bank feeds and make balancing the books seem fun!
2. G-Suite by Google Cloud - Manage all your documents, spreadsheets and emails across all your different devices, through Google Apps. 
3. ConX - Establish your reputation online, quote on suitable jobs in an area near you and grow your team of skilled trades & labour.
Your information will be stored in “the cloud" when using these apps, so whether you’re on a smart phone or tablet on site, or the computer in the office, you can easily switch from one to the other knowing your information is up-to-date.
Request a demo of ConX today to chat to our in-house tradie and see what we can do for you.