The Tiling Tool That Will Save You 1000s of hours

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April 12 2019   03 PM  

So you're probably thinking what’s this magic tool you speak of? Some sort of robot that’s gonna lay tiles for me or a state of the art tile cutter?

Well no... by tool, I’m actually talking about an online tool… something that is going to save you from the painful yet important process of estimating.

Tiling is no different from any other trade in the fact that you want to be using the best tools at your disposal, not the most expensive, but the tools that provide the most value to you and help you complete a quality job in the most efficient way.

You wouldn’t use a tool from 30 years ago to cut your tiles, so why would you use pens, paper and rulers to do your estimating? We’re not saying go out spend thousands of $$$ on the latest and greatest estimating software so hold up just a minute.


We’re talking about an online tool that is going to let you measure areas for tiles with ease, from any computer in the world, just login and you’re good to start measuring. So here it is, and here’s how it can help tilers like you.

 Here are a couple of easy steps to get started with ConX Measure:

(Below is an image of how one of the tilers in our system is using the measuring tool to mark-up areas)


1, Head over to and upload your plans/blueprints.



2, Once you’re in make sure to do the quick 10 step tour, this will quickly take you through the main features and how to use the tool. Then set your scale. For tilers the rectangle & polygon tool will be your most used. For the rectangle tool, simply click and drag to fill the space you’d like to measure. For other shapes which aren’t rectangular to polygon tool is well suited, click on each point of the room, and to end the shape make sure to double click.



3, Once you make measurements, they’ll pop up on the left hand side of the screen, where you’re able to rename each room or area and you can also change the colour of the area.



4, When your finished measuring you can download a marked up PDF of the plans, as well as all of the measurements in an excel file


So why not give it a go? It’s free to use. Let us know what you think in the comments below!