The Tendering Process Simplified

August 03 2017   02 PM  

The days of receiving quotes via SMS, pdf., excel or in a handwritten note are over! We've updated the ConX Tendering Platform by introducing a streamlined bid management system. 
The Builders Problem
July was a busy month at ConX, catching up with our members to learn about their biggest pain points finding and hiring subcontractors. One major issue came up time and time again - getting subcontractors to submit quotes for jobs - whether it was the mismatch formats, missing deadlines, or just getting a quote in at all. 
For a builder, it's time consuming and frustrating chasing subbies, and when quotes start coming back in multiple formats, the details becomes incomparable.
One contractor recalled his joy of an SMS with an $80k bricklaying quote, because it was the only one he could get...
The Subcontractors Problem
Subbies simply just don’t have the time or resources to sift through detailed, often unrelated plans, taking off quantities and putting it all together, we are in the middle of a skills shortage which means every tradie is "out-the-door".
Guys are out on site all day, and arrive home after a hard days work to spend the evening on admin tasks, predominantly quoting to line up the next job and pay-check. 
They need a digout!
Our solution. A Streamlined bid management system
When listing a tender on ConX, you can create a custom bid form with line-by-line costings for subcontractors to complete, you can also capture their labour costs incase of variations on the project. 
This really simplifies the process for the subbies, meaning more guys will take the time to submit a quote. 
As the builder, you can receive all your quotes in one format through ConX and compare them side by side, apples with apples.
It is a simple and transparent way for both parties to communicate, any questions or messaging happens through ConX, no need for endless emails or phone calls. You can choose to send out a tender to a preferred list of subcontractors or reach a wider network through ConX.

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Save time and money with ConX
Construction Technology is the word on everyone’s lips at the moment. It's an exciting time at ConX as we build solutions for businesses to systemise some of the most cumbersome tasks of the job, such as quoting and tender management. We are constantly working to improve how you can get faster, competitive pricing to save time and money.

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