Technologies Shaping the Future of Construction

March 01 2017   02 PM  

ConX had the pleasure of attending the first chapter of the Society for Construction Solutions (SCS) Sydney yesterday, 28th February. It was a unique opportunity to share a room with some of the most innovative people in our industry, ranging from robotics to software and the ever important VC’s who give the opportunity to bring all of these projects to life.

Many problems, Many Solutions

With so many categories under the umbrella of construction, it is great to see all the different solutions people have come up with to tackle, mostly, the problems they have come across in their sector. 

Rory from Propeller a great presentation and live demo of their new technology and here is an example of some of the attendee’s whose solutions are well worth checking out:

ConX brought a unique solution to the mix, as a platform for the guys on the ground, the guys doing the jobs - making it easy to interact with eachother to find work, hire and promote pre-qualified business and trade profiles online.

Big shout out to Curtis Rodgers VP at Brick and Mortar Ventures and founder of SCS for putting on the event. These guys are a major player in all things construction, technology, and investment and have created an amazing global community.

Looking forward to the next event already.