Technological Innovation in Construction

August 05 2015   03 PM  

Construction Jobs AustraliaThe resource boom in Australia had a hugely positive impact on the construction sector - there was an enormous inflow of international capital, foreign investments, skilled migrant labour – as well as its associated expertise – and new materials and applications.As the boom fades, so too will the benefits it brought. Let’s shift our focus to the benefits of the future and explore the role technological innovation is playing to reshape how the sector operates from a process, product, materials and services perspective.

3D Printing

Both Labour and Materials will undergo a transformation with 3D printing becoming more prominent in construction. This year, Chinese company Winsun constructed two buildings using a 3D printer that recycles industrial waste to form new building material. It took one day to print a level, and 5 days to put it together. The construction methods, according to the company, are able to save 60 percent of the materials typically needed to construct a home, and can be printed in a time span which equates to just 30 percent of that of traditional construction. In total, 80 percent less labour is needed.


The industry will be further disrupted as Robots establish themselves as a major innovator in construction with the worlds first robotic bricklayer being born. "Hadrian" can work 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year and is estimated to lay 1,000 bricks per hour. Compare this to the lengthy process of building a home with human capabilities, which could take weeks – we’re impressed.

Perth inventor Mark Pivac, an aeronautic and mechanical engineer said his interest in the idea of developing Hadrian was sparked in 2005 as he witnessed the negative effects the shortage of Perth bricklayers was having on productivity.


Similarly, ConX, a piece of smart cloud technology that matches jobs to suitable workers in an instant, was born when the founders witnessed the difficulties skilled migrant labor had finding work with local contractors, when they had no connections in the industry.

It quickly became apparent that there was an opportunity to innovate on traditional processes such as word-of-mouth and labor hire services to make it simple, convenient and cost effective to connect for work.


ConX as a business is being disrupted as I write this post, with new technologies being born to dramatically reduce the requirement of labour on construction sites across the world, however, it’s a few years before they are fully integrated and employed on site. 

Benefits of Innovation in organisations

The benefits of innovation can be seen at every level of an organisation: helping to better integrate processes; creating strategies that increase competitiveness; and maximising output by fully employing an organisation’s experience, knowledge, tools and resources for optimal production.

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