Square Meter Calculator

June 11 2019   05 PM  

First off welcome. You must be here as you're looking to work out the square meter area for a particular area, it may be a room in a house, it may be a stretch of road, or it may even be an area for a garden. Well you have come to the right place, in a couple of short steps we'll help you measure this area!

Why you might need to square meters?

  • Working out the area to insure a home

  • You’re looking at buying or renting a house, and want to know the area of a particular room

  • You need to find the size of a block of land

  • You’re planning an event and need to know the area

  • Plus many more


All you'll need is a computer and a set of plans (with at least one known measurement on it). You'll need the view from above, even a google maps screenshot is ok.


1) Head on over to conxjobs.com/measure and upload you plans/photo/image (must be PDF)


2) Next we’ll need to input the scale, this is the only tricky part (and it’s not very hard) if you already have the scale, you can skip this step.

Find a measurement you already know from your plan, in my case it's ‘10m’ in the bottom of the image.

Use the length tool to measure it, I received 2.21m (which is obviously not correct).
Then you’ll need to do a quick bit of maths.

Divide the ‘known measurement’ (10m) by the ‘ConX measurement’ (2.21m).
10 ÷ 2.21 = 4.52

Now with 4.52, multiply this by 100, and you get 452. Our Scale is 1:452. Make sure to double check this though by measuring the ‘known measurement’ again.


3) Now onto the easy part – making the measurements. I have used the length tool to get the hip lengths and for the area I used the polygon tool, which I can then add the pitch to, to get the adjusted measurement. 


So there you have it, three easy steps to measure the square meters of anything you’d like! What are you using it for? We’d love to hear how you guys are using it.

You can create a free account and try ConX Measure yourself here