Safety in construction for tradies

June 24 2015   11 AM  

Safe Work ConX

Safe Work Australia  have just released their half yearly report into the state of the construction industry safety standards.  This year to date, 73 Australian Workers have been killed on the job which is far too high and we are happy to see organisations such as Safe Work Australia working with construction company owners to drive down the number of fatalities.

Despite efforts in the industry, construction comes in third on the list again.  The biggest killer in the construction industry is listed under ‘Falls from a height’.  Between 2003 and 2011, there were 232 workers killed following a fall from a height which accounted for 11% of fatalities in that group. 

The main causes of injury for tradies are:

  1. Body Stressing
  2. Falls, trips & Slips
  3. Hit by moving objects

The main cause of fatalities for tradies are:

  1. Falls from a height
  2. Vehicle incidents
  3. Contact with electricity

We believe that these accidents are all highly preventable and occur when people start to cut corners, ignoring OH&S procedures. Poor safety standards on site, whether you’re running the job or working on it, can cause frustration and a low morale, which will negatively impact productivity. Cutting corners on safety is likely to be the most expensive mistake you’ll make.

At ConX,

the two-way performance rating system puts a lot of weight on safety.  Construction employees are rated on their adherence to safety procedures while employers are rated on the safety standards of the work site.

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