Running a Construction Business Online

March 31 2016   02 PM  

tradie business online, construction business, hiring trades and labourThese days, nearly every aspect of running the business, apart from actually being “on the tools” can be done online. 

Using the Internet to source and purchase materials is an efficient and cost effective alternative to taking a trip to the suppliers.  A quick google search will let you compare prices from different suppliers throughout the country (and the world depending on what it is). The cost savings can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

If you’ve got excess material hanging around at the end of a job, instead of renting a skip and paying for disposal, you can actually earn some extra cash by selling materials online.  Check out these guys and give it a go

For bookkeeping, we’re a big fan of Xero. They have a collection of helpful “how-to” videos to get you familiar with reconciling your bank transactions on the go. The benefits of bookkeeping online means you get real time feedback on income and expenses to stay on top of cash flows. Having instant visibility on overdue invoices gives the advantage of hunting down those late payers before it’s too late…

Banking with a real-life teller on tradie hours can be tricky and invariably means time away from the main job to be done. The banks realize this, and are making it easy to conduct your business banking online. Now, it’s easy to apply for business loans, overdraft facilities and move payments around through the internet.

Using the Internet to build out your team of tradies can feel strange if you’ve been relying on word of mouth and the contacts in your phone book to hire up until now, but through ConX’s trusted platform, you can cast your net much further and connect with quality, rated and referenced tradies from around Australia who are looking to work in your area.

Start making the shift online and build a free business profile at