Robot Brickie Lists on the ASX

November 20 2015   01 PM  

Fastbricks robotics started trading on the ASX on Wednesday through a back door listing that was heavily oversubscribed.

2 days is all it takes “Hadrian” the robotic bricklayer to build a 4 bedroom house and the cash raised ($5.75 million) will be used to build more “Hadrians” for commercial use.

According to an article written in the AFR source Fastbrick Robotics chief executive Mike Pivac said the robots would be able to build a house faster and more accurately than traditional methods. 

"The home buyer is the real beneficiary of this. The time it takes to build a standard home is six to eight weeks, so the home buyer will save $20,000 to $30,000," he said.

"We've had commercial interest from 45 countries. The UK and Europe are strong market places for us at the moment. There are skill shortages there which have put upward pressure on house pricing and brick suppliers are very keen for automated systems to transition into the industry over the next few years."

With a skills shortage prominent in the bricklaying industry, this is a positive advancement in one sense, but will the robot kill off the trade entirely?

I recently wrote a blog post about Technological innovation in construction featuring “Hadrian” as a disruptor and acknowledging that ConX itself is being disrupted as the machines move in.

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