Outsourcing your Estimating and Bill of Quantities

September 06 2018   06 PM  

When I had a carpentry company, my least favourite part about running the business was quoting. I'd spend tireless hours sifting through plans to produce the bill of quantities before I could even get started on preparing the quote. FOMO was real, with limited time and resources, I was only quoting on about 20% of the work that came our way.

On the other hand,I enjoyed was the accounting aspect of running my trade business, because it kept me focused on the numbers. I liked calculating the rates to better understand how long it was going to take my team to complete certain tasks and see where improvements could be made by comparing against previous jobs. Ultimately I could use this knowledge to increase our margins.

Knowing and understanding these things allowed me to focus on and win the work our team was best suited for, however, the monotonous task of doing the Takeoff was the real time suck and accounted for most of my time in the office.

Leading on from my challenges, we’ve recently launched a new Takeoff service at ConX, making it easier for builders and subbies to get their quantities done for them. I know the pain, I’ve felt it first hand and I am passionate about making it accessible for others through a reliable, cost effective service.

The new Takeoff service is complimentary to the ConX tendering platform. Upload any set of plans to your profile and we will provide a same day quote and once agreed upon, we can have the bill of quantities back to you within 3 working days.

Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? We’ve been listening to your needs,  and worked tirelessly to be able to bring this service to you at an affordable price, in a quick turnaround time, something previously only available to large companies with big budgets.

I only wish this service was available when I had my own company. If you want to know more, I’m always available so hit me up on ConX Chat (pop up in the bottom right). Or click here for more info.