New Quoting Template for ConX Measure

June 18 2019   12 PM  

We have added a few new columns to the quoting template so you no longer have to do any multiplication on your phone 😃 Here is a look at the new features with some explainers of how to use it. If you’re not already aware once you’ve completed all your measurements in ConX Measure, you can download them into a spreadsheet file (Excel, CSV, Google Sheets, Numbers) and you’re ready to turn it in to a good looking quote.

Height/depth column

The introduction of these means you can now add another dimension to your calculation. For example in ConX Measure I may be measuring the wall width using the tool, in order to find the actual wall area you can add the height in the spreadsheet (as shown below). Or you could also add the depth, to find the cubic volume of concrete.


Roofers, you guys are gonna love this. You can use the pitch column to input the pitch of the roof, which will then automatically calculate the area of the sloped roof.

You can then add a 'unit cost' which will multiply by the 'total quantity' to get the 'total item cost'.

This template combined with the marked-up pdf's are sure to help you win that next job.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions so please reach out if you would like some help using this.


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