New Feature: How to collaborate as a team

December 10 2019   12 PM  

ConX understands the importance of transparency and collaboration to make sure that you have the best possible chance of winning the projects you are quoting on - for that reason we have made it really simple to add your teammates to your account. 

Here are 3 key benefits of team collaboration:

Upload and store all of your plans in one place
By uploading plans to your account or a teammates account you will all have access to the original plans and the marked up plans with comments and measurements from any device, anywhere, anytime. 

Collaborate on jobs in real time
All of the work you or a teammate does on a set of plans is updated in real-time, really handy if you have 2 or more people working on the same set of plans. 

Be able to quickly see what has been allowed for, this is great for when you win the jobs and then move into the next stage - tendering, planning and ordering..

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