Modular Construction Versus Traditional Construction

January 20 2017   10 AM  

The NSW Government says Sydney is on the brink of its biggest-ever housing construction boom, which will see almost 200,000 homes built in the next five years. They’ve called out for smaller, cheaper houses as there is an undersupply of 100,000 homes in the state, with an ageing society and households in need of affordable smaller homes.

There is a growing concern about the shortage of skilled construction professionals and tradespeople to design, manage and build these homes. We’re seeing the effects of this shortage on ConX everyday as contractors hike up rates offered to get the jobs done. This is particularly evident for bricklayers, carpenters and joiners, painters, plumbers, roof tilers, solid plasterers and wall and floor tilers.

Check out this smart infographic put together by MTX Contracts to get an understanding of how modular construction can work as cheaper alternative to traditional methods.