Mass timber construction gathers momentum

December 16 2015   03 PM  

Lendlease mass timber constructionLendlease are launching a prefabricated building materials factory in Western Sydney, and StrongBuild are expanding it’s CLT(Cross Laminated Timber) and offsite prefabrication capacity with a new facility in Balukham Hills expected in 2016 as mass timber construction gathers momentum.

Whilst engineered timber construction is popular at the big end of town as big builders and developers become more educated on it’s benefits, at the smaller end of town, guys are reluctant to move away from the old reliable steel and concrete.

The cost of timber structural solutions were found to be significantly lower than the competing non-timber solutions, however, it’s taking a leap into the unknown for those without the resources and experience of pricing timber construction.

Keep an eye on what Lendlease do with “DesignMake” and how StrongBuild progress with their CLT facility and get educated to stay ahead of the curve. Keen to hear from anyone in the comments section below if you have, or are considering, making the transition.

**You can read the full article published by The Fifth Estate here.