Know who you are hiring in the construction industry

March 01 2016   11 AM  

There is nothing more frustrating for a construction contractor than posting a job, fielding calls, holding interviews, only for your hired man not to show up on the first day.

With demand off the chart, finding and holding on to good tradies these days is harder than ever. What makes a good tradie though? Below we look at the mix of what employers look for in a tradie when vetting applicants, and what tradies look for in a good employer.


hiring reliable construction workers, vetting applicants


The top priority based on feedback from our registered employers. The type of job, duration spent working and the type of role on the job (leadership role?) are all big indicators of an applicant’s attitude and aptitude for the role.

If there is a gap (or several gaps) in an applicant’s experience, this can be an indicator that there is experience or roles they have worked in that they do not want to share with you.


Posing the simple question of “Would you work with them again?” to a previous employer is usually a big indicator of how far you want to progress with an applicant. There can be exceptions, but speaking to at least two of your applicant’s previous employers and asking this question can potentially save a lot of time down the track.

Tools and Transport

This can be role specific, with some tradies not needing a large amount of tools, but overall having own transport and gear to walk on to the job ready to work is an indication of how serious the applicant is with the trade.

Pop Quiz

Asking some trade specific questions, either over the phone or in person, to understand how an applicant encountered a problem with their last roles, and the steps taken to overcome, can give an indication of how your applicant approaches the job.

Adherence to Safety

Safety is and should be the number one priority on site. Asking situational questions in regards to safety to get an impression of how your applicant deals with these issues, could save lives.


Taking the time with applicants to go through the above can save time and money down the track, and avoid taking up too much of your time hiring and re-hiring.


Next week we will look at what tradies look for in a job and employer before applying…