Inside day bed for a comfortable tradie

December 03 2014   11 AM  

ConX Tips & Tricks for the tradie: Make a beachy inside bed for that spare space in your home.

Fast and simple way to fill in that empty and awkward space in your home. All you need to do is:

  1. Grab a few pallets from site or any hardware store.

  2. Cut and modify to suit your space.

  3. Buy some cushions from IKEA or Bunnings if you're on a budget. Alternatively, The Foam Booth can customise a mattress topper to fit making it super comfortable - you choose the dimensions and depth of the foam depending on your purpose. 

​Now for the table:


  1. Sand back the industrial cable reel roughly.
  2. Paint white.

  3. Sand again with a rough sandpaper to give it the 'beachy' sunkissed look.
  4. Paint over with a clear gloss 3x with a light sand in between to give a nicely smoothed tabletop finish.

  5. Thumbs up. Enjoy.

**Keith's carpentry business hires carpenters through ConX, and he also picks up jobs with bigger contractors. If you're interested in working with of for guys like Keith, get registered today!

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