How to Write a CV for a Job on the Building Site

June 09 2015   11 AM  

The CV is the most important tool for the tradie

As a construction worker, your CV is typically the first encounter an employer has with you, and your standard of work on the job will be judged on how well this document is presented.

Let’s be honest, putting a CV together isn’t easy and often doesn’t make sense when your chasing construction jobs. It’s difficult to format to look professional, and knowing what information to put where is as good a guess as anyone’s. And at the end of the day, we’re construction workers, so why should we need to brush up on our typing and computer skills.

ConX takes the work out of a CV and delivers results

At ConX, we’ve taken all the guesswork out of the equation. We’ve spoken to the contractors and asked them what information they need to get you onto the job. They don’t care about your hobbies and interests, but they do care about your licenses, insurances and certifications, the number of year’s experience you have and what “on-the-job” skills you’ve acquired.

Your ConX profile is your online Construction CV. It’s your piece of real-estate on the internet to promote yourself and your work to stand out from the crowd. Keep building up your profile as you work on more jobs and increase your skills and experiences.