How To Do A Concrete Takeoff On ConX Measure

November 06 2019   01 PM  

The 'how to' series is designed to give you an understanding of how to do a takeoff and produce a quote for your specific trade, in this one we will look at all things concrete.

We have also made a 4 minute video that will show you just how simple it is to do a concrete takeoff, ConX actually makes the process fun.
ConX Measure Concrete Demo.png 587.4 KB

Here are 5 simple steps to do a concrete takeoff and prepare a quote.

Step 1
Head to and upload your plans from your computer to ConX.

Step 2
Select the page you want to measure on, check the scale on the page and enter it in the box provided.

Step 3
Choose the tool you need to measure eg. length, area or count items. Click on a point on the plan to start measuring and double click to finish the measurement. The measurement will then appear on the screen, it's that easy.

Step 4
Open the measurement drawer to add extra values, this works much like a concrete calculator, here are a few examples:
- add a depth to an area to get the volume of concrete needed for a slab
- add a width and depth to a linear measurement to get the volume of concrete needed for footings and foundations.
- add a height to a column to get the volume of concrete needed

Step 5
When you are finished and happy you have measured everything you need you can download your work to pdf. and excel,
- The excel is setup as a quoting template where you can add wastage and costs to automatically calculate your quote
- The pdf is great to send to the client or builder along with your quote to show everything you have allowed for.

All of the work that you do on ConX is automatically saved so you will never lose a thing, when you win the job you can open it back up to see everything you have allowed for before you get started on-site.

With our mobile and tablet versions, you can have all of your plans and measurements in your pocket, ready to pull up whenever you need.

To find out more about how ConX Measure can help digitise your takeoffs, estimating, quoting and ordering process, click here