How ConX Works with Australia’s Construction Contractors

February 16 2017   10 AM  

In the oldest and most established industry in the world is pioneering a completely new way for head contractors to ease some of the biggest pain points when connecting with subcontractors, skilled trades and labour. Now, networks are opened up far beyond pre-established contacts in a phone book.

1. Online Presence

ConX is providing a platform for every contractor, subcontractor and individual tradie in the industry to build and expand their online presence. Every member gets a unique page to add important and relevant information about themselves and/or their business, including an overview, work portfolio, validated licences and ABN, insurances and a link team members profiles.

This page is searchable on the internet as - it is great for SEO

2. Tendering

ConX has created a brand new tendering function for contractors to upload packages to the system. Package details include the job overview, location, value, EOI deadline, and an upload function for all relevant plans and documentation.

Tenders created will be posted straight to the ConX Tender Board for all members to see. To reach a wider audience faster, you can upgrade and send an instant email and text notification to all of the relevant trades in the area for a minimal fee of $99.

Through the system you can view applicant profile pages, giving insight into their team and previous onsite experience. The paperwork is reduced with validated ABN’s and licences displayed along with insurance documents.

Based in one region, and win a big contract in another? ConX makes it easy to find qualified local subbies, reducing costs and logistical headaches or transporting your regular gangs.

3. Hiring

With ConX’s innovative new way to hire individual trades and labour, the whole hiring process will become a joy. ConX provides a profile page for tradies to promote themselves and their skills, allowing you to see their experience, skills overview, validated licences, work portfolio and insurances.

In a similar fashion to ConX Tendering, posting a job to the platform is free and visible to ConX, and for a $99 upgrade, the instant notifications go out.  We notify you as soon as you get matches and you can chat to them directly on ConX Messenger, hiring the most suitable.

It is our goal to simplify the way you find work, hire people and advertise yourself in this ever evolving industry.. Register a free profile here today.