How ConX Works

November 19 2015   11 AM  

Keith Moore and John Meagher run a busy carpentry company, Ocean Carpentry, in Sydney. They are always on the hunt for good carpenters to service the constant demands of the different commercial and residential builders they work for throughout the city.

Luke Llewellin is a skilled carpenter from Wales, he landed in Sydney on a Working Holiday and started to look for work immediately.  First stop was Gumtree where he posted a little blurb about himself, he got lots of calls from different recruitment agencies, but nothing spiked his interest.

Then he found ConX…

Luke registered and within minutes he had his profile set up. Keen to get work quickly, he made sure to put in all the information about the jobs he’d worked on before and what his key skills as a carpenter are.

Once his profile was built, Luke landed on the jobs board where he saw the position with Ocean Carpentry – it was close to home, matched his skillset perfectly and the rates were good, and he applied.

Keith & John got over 5 qualified carpenters apply for their job, but Luke was the standout. "I knew as soon as I saw his skills and experience valideated on his ConX profile that Luke was the man for the job" said Keith. He gave him a call and Luke started work with them the following Monday. That was over 6 months ago.

Stories like Keith & Luke happen on ConX everyday, so get registered and get connected today.

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