Hiring trusted tradies is like dating

June 18 2015   11 AM  

Tradie Jobs Sydney

Finding the right tradie for your needs

At ConX, we often get compared to dating websites, and it makes sense. Whether you’re after a quickie on tinder, or a long-term partner on RSVP, we’ve got you covered (in the worker sense).

Creating an account with ConX is quick and secure. There are no complex forms to complete, and your data is completely secure. Posting a job is free and you only pay if your position is filled.

When you post a job on ConX, you specify your exact requirements and our software will deliver a list of suitable, available tradies who are ready to work.

Peers reviewed tradie profiles

ConX provides full visibility on all aspects of the tradie including skills, previous experience, license numbers, levels of insurance and ratings from contractors they’ve worked with before.  All this data will help you to select the best match for your job, and your business in the most efficient manner.

Suitable tradies available

If you are looking for a full time electrician in Melbourne, a contracting carpenter in Sydney, a new employee for your plumbing business in Perth, a team of Laborers for a few weeks in Brisbane, we’ll deliver a list of suitable and available workers straight to you to choose from.

Don’t take a risk and hire blindly, it will, at the very least, cost you a day’s wages and time down the drain, but it could cost you your reputation.

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