Hiring qualified trades and labour

June 12 2015   01 PM  

Hiring the right tradies quickly

The construction industry in Australia is booming and finding the right staff is one of the key ingredients to a successful project. Many construction company owners find themselves in the same predicament - about to start a job after calling everyone they know, there’s not a soul available. What next?

Do you post an ad online?

The two main job sites that are popular with tradies often see over 2,000 Building and Construction jobs each month. How will your job stand out from the crowd and more than that, how do you deal with the unsolicited calls, texts and emails from job websites when you need to hire construction workers? We feel that these solutions have not proven the most reliable for us tradies and that’s why we created ConX.

Unlike other jobs sites, we vet all applicants and ensure they are qualified, keep your data secure and ensure you do not receive unsolicited phone calls.

I’ve tried and tested other job posting websites and the results are painful. My phone is hopping with people “having a go”.

Carpenter: "I liked to cut trees when I lived in Italy" 

Electrician: "I turn on light switches every day"

Plumber: "I can use a plunger in the toilet" 

One or two of these calls are manageable, but the day is short and your time is precious.

I’ve been out on the building sites, talking to contractors to get a feel for their requirements when hiring construction workers and that’s what inspired us to build the ConX platform.

ConX jobs only go out to users who are reliable, rated and registered

At ConX, when you post a job, we send it out to our registered users, if they are available and the job is suitable, they will apply, however, your number is hidden all the time. It’s up to you to review the applicants and offer the job to those you see fit. You make the calls and never have to field an unwanted phone call again.  

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