Growing your subcontracting business with ConX

December 20 2017   12 PM  

Fine Art Painting

When I started Fine ART Painting I did it with the few contacts I had. My ambition was to grow the business from day one and I found making new contacts and winning jobs harder than expected. 
I am quite active online and although I know a lot of construction jobs are based on relationships, I thought there would have to be opportunities to find and quote jobs on the internet. That’s when I came across ConX, which allows me to create an online profile for my business, connect with other builders in my area and quote jobs. 
Just the other week I was notified of a job in Ultimo that fitted into my availability perfectly, I met the guys on site the next day and sent my quote in through the system, it was that simple. 
It’s a great network to be a part of to grow your business and contacts, especially in your local area.. 
Mushtaq Hussain. 
Fine Art Painting.