Friday Beer Tricks for Tradies

November 12 2014   11 AM  

You know it, it's another week of Fix-It Friday tricks.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


ConX Tips & Tricks for the tradie: Turn that bottle into a shotglass.


Turn that empty beer bottle into a snazzy shotglass.





1.Pick a bottle that's handsome and sturdy like a Corona, and tie a string tightly around the empty bottle where you want to cut it.

2. Slip the same string off and soak it in lighter fluid (warning: make sure you don't get your fingers wet or you'll be screwed).

3. Slip the string back onto the bottle before lighting it, then rotate the bottle in your hand so that the flame spreads.

4. When you hear the bottle crack, run cold water on the string until one side of the bottle falls off. 

5. Sandpaper the edges.

6. Bottoms up.