Five tips for tradies to win tenders

September 21 2016   05 PM  


Are you spending all day on the tools and all evening in the “office” lining up the next job? Here are five tips to help you win more jobs and save your precious time for golf, surf, kids, or some other fun activity:

1. Price less to win more

When you’re spending every evening pricing jobs, you start to dislike the process more and more, resulting in a half-assed effort, which reduces your success rate. Aim to limit the number of jobs you price to the ones you genuinely want - whether it’s a convienient location close to home, an attractive profit margin, or a quick win.

2. Know your strengths

Spending too much time trying to price a job out of our reach can be counter-productive. If it’s difficult to clearly identify the base costs, you might not have the relevant experience to complete the job within budget. If a job feels a bit too big to price, it might be a sign to leave it to someone else. Check out this previous post:  5 tips to stay profitable when pricing construction jobs

3. Promote the strength of your team

Your team is a direct reflection of your business and the ability to do a high standard of work. If you’ve got a great team, don’t be afraid to show them. Through the “ConX Team” function, you can add all the individuals working for you onto your business profile for the lead contractor to review.

4. Offer that little big extra

The contractor is looking for the quote who exceeds the specifications and gives them extra value – if it’s throwing in an extra tin of paint, or guaranteeing a finish date, always add that little something extra.

5. Minimize their risk of choosing you

You may be the standout on quality, price and efficiency, but the contractor could still get cold feet and choose the stale old subbie they are used to. It’s important to build that level of trust from the first interaction, plus, a good rating score on ConX always helps

We’ve recently launched “ConX Tendering” to help SME’s in the building and construction industry, connect for work. If you would like to learn more about how it works, please give us a call on 0451 242 669 or shoot the team an email at