Feature Updates: Social Sharing and Construction CV

April 24 2017   03 PM  

We’ve been busy building cool features to make finding work with the right contractor and hiring the perfect team of tradies easier than ever. Here’s a quick summary of what’s new on ConX:
New Profile Design
We changed up the look and feel, making it easier to create a prequalified profile with skills, experience and certifications.
Sharing your Profile
ConX members now have a “public” version of their profile, ready to share with future clients, contractors or employees displaying key trade info and photo albums of work. A link can be easily shared via email or across social media. Check out Keith's profile here: https://www.conxjobs.com/australia/nsw/tradies/keith-moore-0c3f
More and more, we are seeing contractors ask our tradies for a copy of their CV. We know building a CV is a time consuming task best done by the office worker, so we’ve made ConX profiles downloadable into a neat CV format, ready to share with future employers.

Download CV

Now, you can link team members to your ConX profile so the world can see how strong your business is.
Get to work!
If you’re already a member, we’d love your feedback on these new features. Otherwise, get yourself set up with a ConX profile and get connected today: https://www.conxjobs.com/users/sign_up