Don’t get scammed by fake construction ads

April 22 2016   03 PM  

There is a fake recruitment company in Perth posting ad’s on Gumtree, promising tradies, labourers and traffic controllers well paid jobs in return for a one-off payment by electornic trasfer in advance of the job starting to cover safety courses, uniforms and equipment.

Be warned gang – these scammers call themselves Luchana Construction Services and are using Gumtree as an advertising platform for their “dodgy” jobs. The jobs are promising pretty attractive rates and lots of hours - it would be very easy to get drawn in and excited. You can read the full story via WA today here.

At ConX, we collect and verify the ABN of employers when they register, and our peer review and rating system lets you see what other tradies have to say about them. This gives you piece of mind when applying for a new job.

You can join the ConX network for free today and start applying for jobs from reputable contractors straight away.