Creating a Winning Building Quote

January 10 2019   12 PM  

Let’s be honest as tradies, quoting for jobs probably isn’t exactly what you’d love to be doing, but it’s obviously a must. On the upside if you’re good at creating successful quotes, and win more jobs, you can spend less time quoting and more time out on site. In order to give yourself an edge over competitors here’s a couple of hot tips.


A quote that is easy on the eyes of who’s reading it makes a huge difference. A couple of ways to make your quote more readable is to;

  • Include clear headings, make sure these are in bold and perhaps larger text than the rest of the quote, and these can even be underlined too.

  • Make sure your line spacing looks ok too, and the quote doesn’t look too cramped.

  • Add some colour. Include a colour version of your logo on the quote, and you can even splash some colour on some of the main rows of the quote.


Make your quote as clear as possible for the person reading it, if you think they might be unclear in certain parts include more detail there.

Break down line items as much as possible to show what that particular work entails. For example: If you were a painter, instead of just saying ‘Exterior’, break this down further by saying cladding & eaves.

Also make it obvious how your reached a particular number by providing more detail, this includes your rate and the square meterage for each component.


All the above will help to make your quote look much more legitimate and stand out from competitors. Don’t forgot to include your company name, terms & conditions, logo, address, abn, licence number and any other key information.

Another thing to think about is making sure your email looks like this: as opposed to

You could even take this another step further by creating an to make your company look a bit bigger than it may be ;) Here’s an explainer on how to get these types of email addresses set-up

A huge key of delivering a professional looking quote, is to make sure it is delivered on time, an obvious one but a must.

If you’re a quoting pro you might already be using all these tips, if you’re not give a couple of them a go and see it works for you!

We've prepared a quoting template, for you to download and customise as your own. Download here: