Construction Contractors struggle to find the skills as demand grows

January 20 2016   01 PM  

Construction Contractor Skills ShortageConstruction contractors are winning projects as the market continues to boom, but they are struggling to find the workers to get the job done.

According to report released by Hays “The recruitment market in Sydney has never been so candidate short. This has created a major challenge for construction contractors that have won projects but are now struggling to find the right people to help them do the work.”

At ConX, we’re experiencing the shortage first hand. Jobs are being listed on the platform and quality applicants are getting snapped up in under 10 minutes, often creating a surge in pay rates as contractors attempt to outbid their peers.

New Approaches and Looking Overseas

“In response, companies are now considering measures they would not have previously. These include considering candidates with no local experience, sponsoring candidates from overseas and even occasionally offering a sign on bonus.” Says Hays.

Again we can testify to companies trying new approaches to recruitment with a residential builder in Sydney recently hiring a carpenter from Perth through the platform on a FIFO basis of 21 days on, 7 days off, to fill a major void in his team.

And whilst workers are being pulled from overseas, the global economy is experiencing a shift which is negativly impacting the local construction industry.

A once plentiful supply of experienced, skilled trades arriving from Ireland has dried up as the country recovers from a major recession and the Irish Government canvasses hard to bring their skilled workers home.

Efficiency in the connection process is key in this transient industry. ConX is delivering local jobs to local people first, but if construction contractors need to consider candidates from outside their area, they can easily do so by sending targeted notifications to those willing to relocate.

If you or your business has a job that needs to be filled, check out to connect directly with skilled trades and labour ready to work.