Concrete Calculator - How much concrete do I need?

April 05 2019   10 AM  


Concrete Calculator

If you’re staring at a set of plans thinking “how much concrete do I need for this slab” well then keep reading this blog is for you. In a couple of easy steps you can calculate the amount of concrete required for a job.

Step 1: Head over to ConX Measure - and click “UPLOAD PLANS”. Pop your details in, and then locate you plans on your computer, if the plans are attached to an email make sure to click ‘download’ then you can find the file in ‘downloads’ folder.

Upload Plans Estimating Software


Step 2: Adjust the scale of the building as per the drawings/plan. In the top left hand corner you’ll see the scale. If your construction drawings have different scales on different pages, you’ll be able to change the scale again for different measurements. You can also rename the project. If you are in the US, you'll be able to set it as per your convention (eg. 1/8"=1"0).


Estimating Software Setting the Scale


Step 3: Now you’re good to start measuring! Make use of the rectangle tool for square and rectangular areas, the oval is perfect for concrete columns, and for everything else the polygon tool should cover it (make sure you double click to end measurements)

ConX Measure Toolbar


Step 4: Once you've complete all the measurements you're now ready to export the measurements to Excel/Numbers/Google Sheets or whatever spreadsheet program you use by clicking ‘EXPORT TO EXCEL’, which is located in the bottom left of the screen. Once it’s downloaded open the file.

Export to Excel


Step 5: Once we’ve opened the file, we’ve got to add some new columns in order to calculate the volume of concrete required. First select the column with “QUANTITY” then create 2 new columns to the right of this column, on Pages click “Add Column After” OR for Excel click “Insert New Column Right”. Rename these columns ‘Depth’ and ‘Volume’.

ConX Quote



Step 6: Add the depth of concrete required for each of the components in metres, then you can either manually multiply the quantity x depth to get the volume. (Area x Depth = Volume)


You can link the cells/boxes with a formula. Click the volume cell/box for the garage, then press ‘=’ select the quantity for the garage then click the * button (hold shift 8), and then click the depth cell for the garage and press ‘Enter’. (If this is too complicated, you can just do the measurements with a calculator)


You should now have the volume of concrete needed. You can add a cost per cubic meter for the concrete to receive a total price, or edit the amounts in order to use this document as a quote. Your file should look something like the below image.

Concrete Quote

If you like what you see and want to try the tool, check it out here:

Have you tried this? Tell us what you think in the comments below, or do you have a better way? Let us know.