ConX in the news - Shaking up the Construction jobs market

August 20 2014   02 PM  

Thanks StartUp Smart. They've written a great article about us. We like to think we're shaking things up, too. 

We can all agree the construction jobs market has been in need of change for some time. 

Earlier this month, the Australian Industry Group reported the construction sector experienced another surge, with commercial building in its healthiest state in more than six years.

Yet the supply of available tradies is not expected to keep pace with the demand. 

The irony is, there are tradies both in Australia and abroad who struggle to find work because the only job search tools available to them are too generalist, offer job listings with confusing details or do not offer an easy way for tradies and employers to communicate directly. 

Jobs for bricklayers, electricians, plumbers and carpenters are most in demand. But there also many other construction jobs to be filled. 

You have to wonder, could building construction - especially commercial construction - stall because of a shortage in labour?

The problem seems insurmountable. 

Why did we build ConX?

To bring tradies and employers together for work in an efficient and convenient way. Its the only custom-built jobs site specifically designed for the construction industry. 

ConX helps tradies line up jobs and avoid missing days of work. Because tradies have an opportunity to showcase their skills and certifications, employers can easily find and offer them jobs.  

It's also a service that makes sense for a carpenter in Melbourne willing take a job in remote NSW but can't easily find employers or doesn't have one place to look for jobs and must painstakingly sift through scattered job posts.

We're confident ConX is the solution the construction sector needs. Come check us out and we'll tell you all about it.