ConX Working for Australia’s Subbies

February 13 2017   12 PM  

In the oldest and most established industry in the world is pioneering a new platform for subbies to ease your biggest pain points when it comes to building and growing a successful trade business.

1. Online presence

We are providing a platform where every person and business in the construction industry can establish an online presence without having to go down the route of building a website and setting up expensive, complex advertising solutions to make your company visible on google’s search pages. 

The ConX platform gives you your own page where you can add all the important information about your business including an overview, images of previous projects, team members profiles, qualifications, validated abn and licences, insurances etc.

This page is searchable on the internet as

2. Finding work

Our tendering function is seeking to change the way you search for, and win work, in your industry. Instead of just using the guys in your network, we have built a breakthrough new system where you can pick and choose the jobs you want to price based on your size, how busy you are, your preferred type of work and most importantly how close it is to your business’ location - giving you less travel time and more time with your family and friends..

3. Hiring 

With ConX’s innovative new way to hire individual trades and labour, the whole hiring process will become a joy. ConX also provides a profile page for tradies to promote themselves and their skills, allowing you to see their experience, skills overview, validated licences, work portfolio and insurances. 

By posting a job to the platform, the ConX system will send out a text and mail to all the relevant candidates and notify you as soon as matches apply. You can then chat to them directly on ConX Messenger and hire the most suitable.

It is our goal to simplify the way you find work, hire people and advertise yourself in this ever evolving industry.. Register a free profile here today.

Check out Ocean Carpentry's business profile on ConX: