Career building blocks in construction

July 08 2015   06 PM  

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Becoming a fully certified Tradie will enable you to earn more money, get ahead of your competition and join one of the fastest growing industries in the country.  The first step in this process starts with an apprenticeship in the construction industry.  This role combines paid work and structured training which will provide practical skills on the job and learning the theory behind it all. 

Getting started in construction

The construction industry in Australia is the largest employer of trade apprentices and is still very much the main entry point for those who wish to work in Construction.  The structured training can happen in TAFE or through a Registered Training Organization (RTO), depending on where you are based and what trade you choose for your apprenticeship. A range of Government financial incentives are available to support apprentices and their employers. You can get more information from the Master Builders Apprenticeship Engagement Officer.

Duration of a trade apprenticeship

An apprenticeship can take approximately 3 -4 years and many tradies we have spoken to have various different starting points.  It can be based on time (i.e. a certain duration), or competency based (achievement based on a set amount of time on a skill or training/certification achievement).

A large number of training providers offer ‘pre-apprenticeship’ programs of three to six months duration, which give off-the-job training in key skills and may also include a job placement. Some employers actively recruit from ‘pre-apprenticeship’ programs, and so they can be a good way to break into the industry.  Posting your availability on platforms such as ConX also helps employers connect with you.

Safety in construction

One major requirement of a construction site is safety.  Everyone is responsible for safety and you should never be afraid to speak up and flag an issue if you have safety concerns.  In addition to paying close attention to the specific safety induction provided on site, you must also have a ‘White Card’.  We covered this in a previous post, which you can read here.

Benefits of becoming a tradie

Being a tradie in Australia is one of the best jobs around as you get to wake up before the rest of the world, finish work and still have the best part of an afternoon to surf or whatever takes your fancy and last but not least, if the civilized world was to end tomorrow, you’d have the life skills to keep yourself and your family sheltered. What will the computer geeks and bankers do ey??

At ConX, we pride ourselves in connecting apprentices with construction company owners.