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July 24 2015   04 PM  

Productivity Bootcamp

Image Source: The Daily Telegraph

We recently wrote a blog post on the approach to building a career in construction through the traditional “apprenticeship” channels, however, after taking a trip out west to St. Ives last week, our eyes have since been opened to a new, innovative approach that is sure to reshape how training is conducted in the construction industry forever.

Productivity Bootcamp

Productivity Bootcamp provides young men and women with on the job training in a simulated environment to get them into the workforce. The training course runs for 8 weeks in an openair training ground out in the western suburb of St. Ives, and it's the closest thing to a real building site around. You can forget about the classroom out here!

How it works

I observed workers on the training course, busily getting through their work stations which represent the different tasks that would be found on a real life construction site, performed under guidance and supervision and the best part is a gamified element has been incorporated into the work process, giving the guys a competitive edge to continuously grow and exceed their benchmarked scores.


This approach not only benefits the young workers accepted onto the program, it is a revelation for employers who are getting workers funneled through to them. Guys are not just competent to perform the work they’ve been hired to do, but they also understand the importance of safety on site and the benefits of a good work ethic like showing up on time with a positive attitude to get the job done.

Who’s behind it

Founder Paul Breen has self funded Productivity Bootcamp so far and is killing two birds with one stone: training and mentoring youths out of unemployment whilst working to alleviate the skills shortage by boosting the construction industry’s labor supply.

So far, it’s been a winner with Federal Minister for Human Services, Marise Payne, described as saying the bootcamp was stealing her Centrelink Customers. Source

The Future

We suspect there is a lot more to come from this powerful initiative and hope that ConX can help these young guns maintain employment throughout their bright futures.

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