Adding height, depth or pitch to measurements on ConX

October 23 2019   02 PM  

Adding a height, depth or pitch to a measurement you have made on ConX Measure and automatically calculating the totals couldn't be easier. 

We have built the functionality on the measuring page so it is always right in front of your eyes. 

How to use it, (see images below)

  • Click the 'green arrow' to expand the measurement drawer

  • Enter the required height, depth or pitch in the columns provided,
  • Measurements will be calculated automatically,
  • Original measurement and total measurement will be displayed.

Some examples of how to use them:

  • Getting the volume of a concrete slab, add depth to the area you have created,
  • Getting the area of walls from a plan, add height to the linear measurement,
  • Getting the length or area of a roof, add the pitch degree to your measurement. 

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