A Carpenters Growth Story

November 23 2017   02 PM  

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I started Ocean Carpentry with a friend a 4 years ago after we both secured permanent residency visas. We had worked together as individual carpenters before that as subcontractors for builders around Sydney’s East and quickly saw the opportunity to build a bigger team with the abundance of building work going on around Sydney. 

In the early days the hardest part was going from a team of 2 which is perfect for most jobs to getting a third and fourth person involved. All of the builders and contacts we had made were organic and liked us to be on site so it was hard for them to accept that we were a growing team and I might not be there all the time. It took a little time for this transition but we hired good guys so kept the quality of our work up.

As we grew, we faced 2 problems:
1- hiring quality guys for the team 
2-keeping consistent work flowing. 
We needed more contacts and this is hard and slow to do organically, so we turned to www.conxjobs.com

ConX is a platform to connect with other builders and subbies for work and we found this to be our golden ticket to winning great jobs in the area and growing our business. 

Conx has also been our main source of hiring quality guys, it has great functionality to allow tradies to create profiles with information such as licences, insurances, experience and photo’s of past work so when they apply for the jobs I post I can get a clear view of whether or not the guys are suitable before I make contact with them. 

It really opens things up because word of mouth and the pub used to be the only way to get guys, now labour hire have a big such a big share of the market but it’s so expensive and an old fashioned model so it’s great to be able to connect with guys directly to save me money and give the tradies a better rate.

John Meagher - carpenter, builder, husband, father and founder of Ocean Carpentry.