6 Step Pitch & Area Calculator for Roofers

March 29 2019   10 AM  

For roofers out there looking to replace an existing building’s roof, we have a massive time-saving hack for you, which will let you calculate roof areas for free! All you need is Google Maps & ConX Measure.

Step 1: Head to Google Maps: www.google.com/maps and search for the address, then click “satellite”

 Step 2: You’ll need to change the setting for google maps to get yourself the correct view

Click “2D”, to make sure you looking directly down at the houses (not at an angle), then zoom in as far as google maps allow you before it switches to street view. In my case, 20m was a close as I could get, but you may be able to get to 10m.


Step 3: Next we need to export the image of the map. Click “File” then “Print” and you will get to this screen.

Hit “Destination”, then click “Save as PDF” and then “Save”.


Now onto the easy part.


Step 4: Head over to ConX Measure: www.conxjobs.com/measure

Click “Upload Plans” and upload the PDF you just downloaded.



Step 5: Next we’ll need to fix-up the scale. Firstly you need to click the length tool, on the toolbar, then measure the size of the 20m or 10m bar at the bottom. (double click to end the measurement)

Once you measure the length of it (with the scale set at 1:100) take this measurement. In my case, it was 2.4m. Divide the actual length of the bar by the measurement you received. 
 20÷2.4 = 8.33 then multiply this number by 100 and you get 833, and 1:833 is your correct scale.


Step 6: We’re now ready to start measuring. Select the “Polygon” tool, and click on the different points of the roof, then double click to end your measurement, and you’re done. You can export your measurements to excel or receive a marked-up PDF of the plans. All for free! 



Once you have calculated the roof area you can easily get the adjusted area to include the pitch by clicking the small green arrow at the top right of the measurement drawer. Just enter the pitch and the total will be adjusted. 

All done, hope that saved you a trip to site. 

Do you have any hacks or tips like this? Let us know in the comments below!