6 proven ways to grow your building and trade contracting business

June 01 2018   10 AM  

1. Use referrals
To get these you must Be as professional as possible with every client on every job, be punctual, transparent on costs/delays, friendly, efficient, tidy up when finished etc


2. Your Staff
Every person working for you is an ambassador for your company, make sure they know this and are aligned with point 1.


3. Network
Meet other builders/architects and subbies in your area. Make sure they know what you do and your target market for work.


4. Branding
Wear company logo t-shirts, caps, hats. Put hoarding up around building signs, it's free advertising to other home owners in the area, brand your van, it's mobile advertising, others will see it driving around and at the building suppliers.


5. Social media
It is so easy these days for everyone to get a feel for your business by using FB and Instagram. Create an active page with regular updates and follow other builders and subbies in your area that you would like to work with.. 


6. Be progressive
The industry is always changing especially with all the new technology advancements. Be at the forefront, learn lot's and use new technology and software to give yourself the competitive advantage.