5 tips to creating a good job on ConX

October 21 2015   02 PM  

Posting a job on ConX is quick and easy. In less than 5 minutes your construction job can be pinging into the hands of your ideal workers thanks to the intelligent matching technology behind ConX - we are proud to say we’ve connected jobs to trades in less than 10 minutes with guys on the job, ready to go in under 24 hours.

Here are 5 tips to creating a winning job post:

1. Create one ad per target group

If you are hiring a foreman, 10 skilled trades and 5 apprentices – create 3 separate job posts, so you can tailor the job description and pay rates accordingly. Foremen don’t apply to jobs requesting apprentices and vice versa.

2. Description

Provide the key skills you require a tradie to have in the description – this will eliminate unwanted applicants and give you highly targeted responses.

3. List accurate pay rates

Try to be as definitive as possible with the rate you are willing to pay. It's understandable that a rate can vary depending on the level of experience your future workers have, however, a range of $30 - $60 per hour is too broad and your job will suffer as fewer tradies will apply.

4. Start Date

Set the start date for when you really need the tradies to start on the job? By accurately listing the start date, as opposed to having the default of tomorrow, you will open your job up to a broader range of potential workers.

5. Upgrade

Upgraded jobs receive faster responses from a larger volume of targeted tradies. 

Take a look at some the active jobs listed on ConX here to give you an idea of good and bad job postings using our 5 tips as a reference point.

ConX is a job platform built specifically for the construction industry. We’ve got bricklayers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, landscapers, tillers, painters, and many more trades registered on the growing database. As a construction business, it's FREE to register and post jobs so get on there and get hiring today.